Community Projects

Broadband has become an essential part of modern living and the demand for faster internet access will continue to increase.

Improving the broadband to the whole of Shetland has for a long time been a priority of Shetland Islands Council and with this in mind The Shetland Telecom Project was established in 2009 with the positive aim of ensuring that Shetland does not get left behind.

The investment Shetland Islands Council has made has improved the reliability of broadband connections all across the islands. Shetland is no longer dependent on the National Telecommunciations service providers and the project has increased reliability and improved the amount of available high speed internet access.

In addition to strengthening the overall resilience of the networks on Shetland, the Shetland Telecom project has also given local communities the chance to develop their own broadband solutions. To date the Council has launched three successful Community broadband projects in Vidlin, Fetlar and more recently West Burrafirth. These areas are now supplied with wireless broadband through Shetland Telecom’s partner supplier, Shetland Broadband.

Shetland Telecom does not supply broadband directly to residential customers, but encourages communities to engage with us to plan and develop their own solutions. In areas where Shetland Telecom has fibre connectivity, for example, we can supply a ‘Digital Village Hub’ which the community can then use to develop its own access network. We can assist through advice and guidance as well as provide the digital technology required. Communities interested in going down this route should also seek advice from Community Broadband Scotland who will provide guidance and potentially funding.

Try our FAQs, and if you still have questions about Shetland Telecom after checking out our website, contact us for more information.