Business & Public Sector

Internet and data communications are: vital to the future of our traditional industries, essential to Shetland's Oil and Gas economy and are key to successfully attracting inward investment.

The Shetland Telecom Project's primary goal is to ensure that Shetland, through access to world class Internet connections, can compete in the 21st century global market place.

Shetland Telecom has built a resilient, reliable and high capacity fibre optic network to connect Shetland to the Faroese Telecom SHEFA2 cable and then onwards to the UK using the Faroese and Icelandic owned FARICE1 cable. Previously, Shetland relied on wireless microwave technology for all telecoms which proved to be unreliable and very restrictive.

High capacity business telecommunications are available in Shetland at a cost comparable to the rest of the UK. These services are provided through our partner organisations - Faroese Telecom and Shetland Broadband.

Through these partners, Shetland Telecom can provide bespoke solutions for any size of business.

Try our FAQs, and if you still have questions about Shetland Telecom after checking out our website, contact us for more information.