Who are Shetland Telecom?

We are a Special Purpose Vehicle, established by Shetland Islands Council which was set up in 2009 to provide a wholesale fibre optic network across the Islands.

Can I buy my domestic broadband from Shetland Telecom?

Shetland Telecom does not provide broadband to individual residential customers, but can work with communities to help provide solutions.

Can I buy ethernet services from Shetland Telecom?

You can buy Ethernet services from one of our partner suppliers such as Shetland Broadband.

I am an ISP; can I use your network?

Yes. We provide fully open access network on both the passive and active level. We also provide resilient off-island connections.

Do you do telephony?

No. We only provide core network, not services.

Will Shetland Telecom be able to help me if my broadband isn’t working?

You will need to contact your own service provider if you have a problem.

I live in a community where the broadband is very slow; can you help me with this?

Yes, please contact us and we can support you to find solutions. You should also contact Community Broadband Scotland for advice and potential funding.

I cannot access 3G, can you help with this?

Both the Council and Shetland Telecom are actively engaging with mobile phone operators and Government agencies with a view to improving mobile phone coverage across the islands. In the meantime you may wish to speak to your current mobile service provider as they may be able to provide immediate solutions.

I’ve been told that I will have ‘super-fast’ broadband soon, but don’t know when this will be?

The Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) project, is rolling out high speed broadband across the country and you can check timescales for Shetland here. However there are limitations to what speeds you may expect dependent on the distance from your residence to the telephone cabinet. At the moment BDUK does not have sufficient funds to extend this coverage, and it is likely that this will affect numerous households in Shetland. If your community is affected by this and you would like guidance, please contact us and/or Community Broadband Scotland (who may be able to offer funding).

Who is Community Broadband Scotland?

The Scottish Government created CBS and it is delivered by Highlands and Islands Enterprise. The primary aim of CBS is to help people in communities, who are least likely to benefit from the BDUK project, get connected to faster broadband. CBS offers advice and capital funding (100% of scoping and up to 89% of capital investment cost) for communities who are willing to own the assets required.